Really excited about my first TV show which will be aired once a month live on Sky 838,  NTV Europe with a global audience of many backgrounds which include the BAME community, what we need is more awareness of autism and other Co-morbid conditions, my show will feature live interviews and some [...]

Statement from Kevin Healey  It’s with deep regret that I have stepped down from the NAS and stepped down from National forum (I’ve spent ten years with the NAS)  Due to many commitments with my charity SAAS, which is going from strength to strength, and with many commitments f [...]


  • Hey @y0derboat @EmilieArchives @CurricAutism thanks for being top High Value Members of last week, have a great day :),
  • Posting off too new Jersey TBWA been selected for this amazing film festival. Golden Door fingers crossed ,
  • Share the love - High Value Members of this week @johndcaudwell @trudibeswick @MrsCMcGuinness :),
  • My next TV show talking about PDA & Autism - & Body Confidence Read: ,
  • They do Tina x ,
  • reporting 13 dead now and many injured :-( so sad, tragic nowhere is ,
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