so far over the last two weeks when I quit twitter I’ve been inundated, but I won’t be returning too Twitter until I’m protected and verified, it’s unbelievable that they can go-ahead and verify other campaigners like me but single me out, it’s more or less like discrim [...]

I’ve been told that my twitter account has been inundated with tweets of support – I’m not tweeting out on twitter or using it and will not use this social media platform until twitter take action and verify and protect my account I’ve been reading today that amanda holden, h [...]

Hello I’ve been inundated on twitter I would like to thanks all my followers for your support, Parents, people with autism have tweeted to my twitter’s asking me not to leave, as previously stated my I will go back to my twitter account @Kevin_Healey once twitter have verified me A BBC s [...]

Due to the repeated requests asking twitter too verify me, and they have refused not just only me but nearly 1600 of my petition supporters, as well as refusing Staffordshire police my local MP, MEP and celebrity’s who have wrote too twitter’s CEO they still refuse, too verify my account [...]