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As an Award winning campaigner and activist, During the week of Anti-bullying week, I always approach people asking if they want to cover my story, one person in particular today I asked if they would like to do a story, they said they would get back to me a few days ago, because I didn’t [&he [...]

It’s been quite hectic the last few years, so my film has been put off, but now that I’ve found the right producer, and film maker, the planning stages and the short film will be made next year, exciting times Ahead we also plan to do a film premiere of it in Stoke On Trent, […] [...]

Quick poll suggests i shouldn’t Lock down my account After so much, though I’ve decided not to lock down my Twitter account, I put a poll out on Twitter the other day, during the weekend I was cyber mobbed by a group of people on Twitter, they were quite voluminous, cyber bullying can ha [...]

What you need to do …. Take a selfie of yourself with this poster download and print it off/ or create your own  1. Include the words  #autism #antibullyingweek @autismcampaign 2. Tweet it too @autismcampaign or tag your picture to Kevin Healey on Facebook or to the antibullying Face [...]

I am an active autism campaigner and Ambassador for the National Autistic Society (NAS) as well as having founded Staffordshire Adult Autistic Society (SAAS). I have Asperger’s syndrome. My Twitter account reaches hundreds of thousands of people, and so when an autism topic trends my Twitter f [...]

I’ve been on social media now for about 15 years. I first went on MySpace, then Facebook and joined Twitter when it was launched. I use social media to raise awareness of autism and my campaigning work, which I have been doing since my diagnoses in 2001. About four years ago I started to get [ [...]


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