I am an active autism campaigner and Ambassador for the National Autistic Society (NAS) as well as having founded Staffordshire Adult Autistic Society (SAAS). I have Asperger’s syndrome. My Twitter account reaches hundreds of thousands of people, and so when an autism topic trends my Twitter f [...]

I’ve been on social media now for about 15 years. I first went on MySpace, then Facebook and joined Twitter when it was launched. I use social media to raise awareness of autism and my campaigning work, which I have been doing since my diagnoses in 2001. About four years ago I started to get [ [...]

Katie, You’ve  gone to an all time low now mocking children with autism, people with autism have enough daily challenges, children and adults can struggle daily living with the condition known as the triad of impairments autism is a developmental condition, if you weren’t aware. After w [...]


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