Statement from Kevin Healey  It’s with deep regret that I have stepped down from the NAS and stepped down from National forum (I’ve spent ten years with the NAS)  Due to many commitments with my charity SAAS, which is going from strength to strength, and with many commitments f [...]

“These products are dangerous and are not backed up by verified scientific evidence of any kind. As I’ve repeatedly made clear, they should not be used under any circumstance. Autism is a lifelong condition – it is part of who people are, rather than something to be eliminated or cured [...]


  • Check out "Angela McGhee TV medium star of psychic investigators - a night of mediumship" @EventbriteUK,
  • Evening tweeters,
  • Remembered when I campaigned 2 get Claire home back to Wales people with should not be locked away hundreds of miles,
  • U never know what goes on behind closed doors in the ATU's they need to be in a supported care home with the correct package ,
  • Really disgusts me this government I hear so many story's of parents at breaking point because the system is useless ,

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