An autism campaigner and author from Staffordshire is looking for a film director who can help turn his autobiography into a feature film

March 5, 2010
Autism, Twin Bothers Worlds Apart Book
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An autism campaigner and author from Staffordshire is looking for a film director who can help turn his autobiography into a feature film.

Kevin Healey, who has Asperger’s syndrome, decided to write a book based on his experiences and those of his identical twin brother Shaun, who has autism.

The book, Twin Brothers Worlds Apart, was published 15 months ago with proceeds being split between the charity Kevin founded, Staffordshire Adults Autistic Society (SAAS) and the Autism Research Centre in Cambridge.

Kevin, 35, said: “As a person with autism, I feel that autism has never been portrayed correctly.

“All the autism films show adults on the high functioning end of the spectrum, and adults with genius savant abilities, like Dustin Hoffman in the film the Rain Man.

“My twin can’t communicate – he is locked in a world of his own, he can’t even tell you if he feels ill, or if he is in pain.

“On one occasion we nearly lost my twin with double pneumonia because the health bodies thought and assumed he was OK.

“There have been other instances where people have not accepted my twin because of his condition, maybe because they don’t understand him.

“Even though I love my twin so dearly, I have never been able to communicate with him because he does not understand, and for a twin that is incredibly hard.

“Most twins grow up playing together and enjoy the social aspects of life such as going out, and we have not been able to do this.

“I didn’t get diagnosed until my late 20s and if it was not for Professor Baron-Cohen and his team at the Autism Research Centre, Cambridge, I wouldn’t be writing this today.

“At 26 I was contemplating suicide, because I was not understood or accepted in today’s society.

“People’s attitudes have moved forward slightly in the autism field, but more educating and understanding of the condition needs to be addressed.

“Hopefully this can be achieved with the film.”

Kevin hopes to obtain funding for the film and find actors will play the roles. All the proceeds from the film would go to SAAS.

SAAS aims to provide support to people with autism and Asperger in Staffordshire. It arranges activities and outings for adults the conditions. For more information visit

Any director interested in making the film should contact the charity on 01782 617088 or email

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  1. Ralph Colon

    March 22, 2010, 15:01:35

    I am not a scriptwriter, nor am I trying to get fame or trying to make a million dollars. I am not a professional writer, though I find enjoyment in writing. However, I am on a quest to make possible my story into a movie to save as many children and family that I can in this country through a motion picture with an unbelievable true story. I am not young, and not an old man, I am a grandfather rearing my grandchildren and people call me RC Grandpa. I know you have heard many, even thousands of stories before about someone who is trying to get famous, or 60 minutes of fame, or that they have the big story of the century trying to become the next greatest. I assure you I am neither one, nor a want-to-be. I do however, have a corruption story that holds a great and very large platform in this country of importance and true facts, not your Friday night action flick that holds only a small portion of this platform.

    I am looking for a movie producer who is willing to do things a little different from following his own protocol when it comes to excepting a movie script. One that is willing to read what I have even though is not a movie script that he is use to handling for his acceptances to make a movie. By this, I mean a script can be created later after reading my story, bypassing a scriptwriter or an agent for the moment. I cannot afford any of them, that’s why I’m force to do this in this way. I wrote a true story that will save thousands of children in America from the bloody experience my grandbaby went through. A story that the news media have been waiting for, for two decades against our children. A story that every family in America have been waiting for, for years. A story that the world have been waiting for in response to our children‘s epidemic of a special kind in this country and abroad. A story that needs to be made into a movie that will win your Oscar I‘m sure. I cannot publish the story because of money, and I cannot find or raise the money to publish, or I cannot find an honest agent to deal with a new author. I cannot find a publisher that is willing to look at my story unless I go through an agent. I’m in the middle of a catch-22. Fact is, if I could publish this book – this book would be a best seller for years on end. This is the reason I am seeking out a movie producer to make the movie, I know this this not the right way, but because of the importance and the incredible story behind it, I have no other choice. I hope you will consider that many Movie Stars are suffering this story including their Children, and the information and true story of this movie would be vital to their lives and their children’s lives.

    I am looking for a movie producer, who is not afraid of our government, who is not afraid of the pharmaceutical companies and some doctors in this country. To exercise the right of free speech under our constitution and article 19 of the universal declaration of human rights, to inform the American people on the true facts of what has been going on for two decades underneath our noses is what this movie is all about. A True horrible bloody story of a baby boy who refuses to die where many other children have died. Aside from the different life my baby has to live from now on, he grew into a fine young boy that will make everyone cry watching this movie. In 1970 the numbers were 1 in 10.000, making it somewhat rare but questionable. In 2006 the incredible fall down with confusion – falling to a whopping I in 166, a death number for many families. One year later 2007, it dropped to 1 in 160. In 2008, the number went to 1 in 150. In 2009, it went to 1 in 100. Today 2010 the number is now 1 in 90 children being infected with Autism 3 to 5 years after a good birth. Why? Soon the numbers will be 1 in 50 children being infected with this disease after a good birth. I am not talking about the birth of Autism where a child is born with Autism; I’m talking about the multi mega population of children that are born normal then later when they hit 3 to 5 years of age they are diagnose with Autism. I know my story will stop the production once and for all. My heart goes out to many people, especially to the Movie Stars and Famous People with much money, that not even money can answer the big question – “Why did this happen to my son or daughter after a good birth?

    After they almost killed my grandbaby boy that today he has Autism, and after All Children Hospital saved his life, I conducted an in-depth research for three years, and what I found out will shock the world. This story of the horror and torture my grandbaby went through must be told, and how we arrived at the heart of the problem of our children today being infected with the disease. Some of you money hungry greedy people out there, that do not give a dam about people like me with no money, or care for people with Autism, I say to you is time to have a change of heart. There has to be one person, one producer out there that truly gives a shit to save children’s lives. That can truly help me in producing this story on what happen to my grandson, to prevent it from happening to another child and to stop the production of Autism in this country finally. I know why we have a mega population of Autism children in America – do you? Besides all the lies you have heard as to why this is happening to our children, I say to you remember that this is a country that have lived on lies throughout history; question is do you know the truth of the production of Autism? On the other hand, do you believe what you are programmed to believe?

    I am a Christian man rearing my grandchildren. I see how evil this world is, Evil -v- Good, Republicans -v- Democrats, Poor -v- Rich, Greed -v- Share, Church -v- State; an evil world, where good will go to heaven, and evil will surely go to hell. What I am asking here is no more than a small miracle from a heart of good will. Of course, the rewards will follow, and maybe a small incentive will fall on my lap along the way, but fact is, that you can make this happen to save millions of children from this disease. If not interested or you do not make movies like this, then I ask you give this message to someone you know who may be interested. Thank You and God Bless our Children.

    P.S. Please excuse my candor, my directness. I know is distasteful. If you had a magic
    crystal ball in your hands, you will see everything my family and me have gone
    through. From the experiment on my grandbaby that they give to all children, that
    almost killed him. The government’s involvement and rejections, agents who are
    trying to steal my research and story lines to create their own book, to the greed we
    have in this country. I truly believe in my heart that my grandbaby’s story and my
    research will save millions of children in America. All I need is for one of you movie
    producers to have a heart. Can you blame my candor? Thank You.

    Ralph Colon 863-385-2030 / 863-255-2946 Cell.

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