AUTISM can’t be cured!

April 10, 2010
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The recent campaign by polly tommey on  face book

There is allot of people who are saying that AUTISM can be cured on this campaign facebook page, i disagree Autism is a developmental condition, Autism cannot be cured by supplements, or any form of treatment, its really upsets me as a person with the condition that some parents are giving the wrong message out to other people.

The FACT remains is Autism is not curable there are over 500,000 people in the UK affected with Autism, if there was a miracle cure don’t you think by now all these children and Adults with asperger syndrome and Autism would have been cured by now.

My twin is 35 years old he has never communicated he can’t, he is simply locked in his own world, do you think if there was a cure i would have give him the magic pill or supplement by now to cure his Autism  from Autistic to none Autistic!

The leading expert’s on Autism say that there is no cure, so why are these parents telling others there is this magic cure with supplements, and biomedical intervention will cure there autistic child

Kevin Healey

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  1. Peggikaye

    April 11, 2010, 15:08:12

    When I share the story of my son, I’m very very careful to make sure that the listener understands … he was not cured of autism.

    He had been misdiagnosed with autism, there is a huge difference.

    I describe it as a ‘proper misdiagnosis’ because he, for all intents and purposes, was autistic like. He scored pretty high on the CARS (Childhood Autism Rating Scale) but all along I knew something was not quite right with the dx.

    I’d talk to the doctor, autism made sense.
    I’d talk to parents of autistic kids, autism made sense.
    I’d go to the autism support groups, autism made sense
    I’d read books, autism made sense.
    I’d look at my son , autism made no sense.

    The diagnosis of autism led us to ABA and therapy for Sensory Integration Dysfunction.

    SID was my sons real issue. The more the SID therapy worked, the less autistic he appeared. Eventually, almost every autistic like characteristic was gone. He went from a 39 on the CARS (30 to 60 is autism. 20 to 29 is autistic like characteristics, below 20 is ‘normal’) and he wound up at a 14.

    People ask me how he was cured … he wasn’t. He was misdiagnosed. I’ve seen news stories of other children like my son .. SID and ABA ‘cured’ their child … no, it didn’t, it treated the REAL issue.

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