Earthquake leaves NO Autism services in Haiti

January 17, 2010
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Think about  everything you know about autism.  therapy, MMR /vaccine controversy,  Autism Charity’s  and whatever else comes to mind. I’ll give you a few minutes  so you can run through all of it through in your head.

Now eliminate it all. That’s autism in Haiti. “This is really sad one of the worst third world country’s in the world now as NO Autism services…

There was a clinic in Los Palis, it wasn’t much, but it was the only place in Haiti where once a week children with developmental disabilities gather to receive treatment. “It’s not there anymore, its gone..

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  1. Jennifer

    January 23, 2010, 03:04:28

    I understand that there are thousands of childfren without parents right now in Haiti, what about the children with autism and other developmental disabilities. I want to do something to help these children. Without help the vulnerable will be left to die. Why aren’t some of these children open for adoption? We have so many schools and clinics in america for special needs, can’t we do something????

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