Hiatus hernia GERD go away!

January 7, 2010
My Diary

I’m really getting fed up of this other condition i have GERD Acid reflux disease, along with the Hiatus Hernia, this was diagnosed 3 years ago, but i have had it for the last 8 years, it all started one day with horrible acid reflux, acid coming up into my mouth. i went to the doctor my GP said “Kevin”, you swallowing too much air you need to drink peppermint drinks”, i thought get real! I’m no doctor but i knew this wouldn’t work so guess what i tried and it didn’t work!

So i kept going back to the doctors and the put me on some anti acid tablets which sort of worked for abit then, they said i would just have to put up with it, they said it could be caused by anxiety, which i thought it would be possible because i live with anxiety on a daily basis.

I made an appointment to see a private doctor at the nuffield hospital, the first question was, has your doctor sent you for a blood test Kevin? i replied “No”, well we need to check you for something what may be causing your acid reflux, it’s called HPYLORI it’s a nasty bacteria which burrows into the gut walls, and causes damage, so a blood test was sent off-, and guess what everyone, it came back positive for the bug i was put on a triple eradication therapy of antibiotics to eradicate the bacteria, it did not go away they had to to this on several times, then i had to go for a PH monitor test this is where they put a tube down your nose and it goes straight into you stomach- (i bet your all thinking yikes this sounds bad” it wasn’t actually that bad, apart from gaging on the tube and feeling quite sick), the test results came back saying i was suffering from chronic Acid Reflux, NO!

After that i was sent for a barium swallow, horrible chalky liquid stuff i had to swallow why they take xrays of my gullet, and my stomach, the xray operator said yes i can see a small hiatus hernia this is what is causing all your reflux, it was abit of a relief, as my mum and sister suffer from crohn’s disease, so i was sent off home.

A few months later i went to see my consultant who offered me to have keyhole surgery to correct the hernia, but i started to research about keyhole the “Nissan fundo surgery” i read some horror stories, where people could not swallow properly after surgery, they got something what is called Gas Bloat syndrome, this is where you can not really burp, or if you ever catch a stomach bug you can not vomit, i thought no i can not go through that, then i read reports where people had the surgery done and after a few years it come undone, plus i saw the procedure done on channel 4 surgery live.

So i began to research about different procedures and found something called ESOPHYX a procedure where they go down with a camera and correct the surgery in a very less invasive  way, but guess what this surgery costs £8000 and my doctors would not fund this or the local PCT, I have been in contact with various surgeons throughout the UK and i have about 4 consultants who would do this but it’s private, and not available on the NHS.

As a worrier i do worry about the future of this horrible condition as people with long term acid reflux who are on PPI’S like myself can get something whats called Barretts which is a pre cancerous condition of the gullet which can turn tumorous, Doctors don’t tell you this, they also don’t tell you that long term PPI drugs cause vitamin b12 deficiency and also osteoporosis and brittle bone disease, surely i would save the health authority thousands of pounds a year through medication, but no they chose not to.

oh and anyone concerned about having a endoscope, have the sedation, Double of it then you will be ok don’t be all brave and think how it wont hurt putting a garden hosepipe down your gullet so they can have a look around.

and lastly can anyone help me to fix this, i would be grateful of a Jim if he will fix it! or Bob the builder can he fix it :o(

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6 Responses

  1. desert rose

    January 27, 2010, 10:42:08

    how is your hernia and gerd situation going? I am due for an endoscopy and biopsies soon. I am very worried and scared about the procedure and what they will find, especially since I know that I will end up with open nissen operations. How did they give you the sedation? Did you choke and had gagging from swallowing the endoscope even with the sedation? Did it still feel uncomfortable? Did you still feel the endoscope inside you? Did they take biopsies? Did you feel them taking biopsies? How long did it take? Did you end up with a sore throat/chest and swollen chest and felt uncomfortable for 7 days after the procedure? are you going to have the operation? it is a shame the esophyx procedure is not available on the nhs – it is too expensive to go private because there is no gurantee that it will work and if it doesn’t, you would have wasted £8,000. However, there is also no guarantee that the nissen will work and there are permanent complications afterwards and have to get it redone 2 or 3 times due to slipping of wrap and loosoning of wrap over time. Can never be normal again after it such as eat normally or do physical things such as bend over or lift things. The pain and suffering afterwards is more severe than before and this only serves to try to pro long your life. People with gerd and hernias who have to go through operations, don’t tend to live to an old age, they tend to die young due to the redos and complications, as well as pain and suffering and scar tissue problems.

  2. kevinhealey33

    January 27, 2010, 22:45:26

    at this moment i want of the nissan done, please do not worry you will be fine, make you sure you have the sedation, you wont remember a think “ask for a double dose” you can also ask for the throat spray as well i had both, yes i have heard that it can come undone there is no gtee with any operation i suppose its how you feel, im on a maintiance dose of 15 mg a day, i know some people who are on 40mg 50mg a day. i hope it goes well for you, please keep me posted? how old are you? how long have you had a hiatus hernia? mostly they do check and take biopsies as a routine but the doctor will mostly tell you what it is, whether its an ulcer, gerd, hernias, sliding hernia, etc etc dont worry though take care kevin

  3. Ron

    February 17, 2010, 15:29:43

    Hi Kevin I read your post about your gerd problems. I too have gerd problems and have found from my research that gerd surgery is not a life time fix, and can cause more problems ( just as you found out) also that laparoscopic procedure is very new, and it has failures too. try looking here…

  4. gale

    August 2, 2010, 18:45:13

    Hi Kevin
    I to am suffering with acid reflux ,an had several test done.Dr.s did not test me for acid reflux .which they should have done Ph test,barriem swallow to see .But instead Im still suffering an cant get no help.

  5. Milly

    September 7, 2010, 17:37:24

    Never, ever take erythromycin if you have hiatus hernia, I did and for 2 weeks my hiatus hernia is now like having a heart attack, I have been sent for 2 ECG’s I am now taking ranitidene which is not taking this pain away in my chest. I can tell you that 100% Aloe Vera juice from Boots Chemist has helped, I am now taking it each day along with Boots Probiotic & Prebiotic capsules 2 a day! The natural things seem better for you and they do work.

  6. peter

    January 3, 2013, 16:19:46

    I have been reading a few comments from people who have this condition like myself. Reading all of them, one thing stands out, everybody has gone through some kind of battle to get it noticed or found out. Why does this seem to be the case for everybody?

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