My open letter to Katie Hopkins

My open letter to Katie Hopkins

May 16, 2015


You’ve  gone to an all time low now mocking children with autism, people with autism have enough daily challenges, children and adults can struggle daily living with the condition known as the triad of impairments autism is a developmental condition, if you weren’t aware.

After watching the programme on TV  born naughty my twitter feed @kevin_healey became inundated with tweets about you  mocking once again, only the other week after watching the mental health programme of the young man you tweeted, that the man on Channel 4’s The Stranger On The Bridge documentary should have JUMPED.

You wrote: “ENOUGH with the ads for #strangeronthebridge Starting to wish the sympathetic stranger had let him jump.” 

I personally find this disgusting.

You also tweet now and again about ADHD that it doesn’t exist and the children are just naughty but when you was in the big brother house you brought this subject up again with Katie Price, but your not   a medical doctor?  Are you?.. trained to diagnose children NO!, ADHD is a recognised medical condition.
Katie,  you need to apologise to the Autism community but I doubt this will very much happen now.

Nearly 10,000 people have signed my petition calling for you to say sorry to the Autism community, but you refuse, I even invited you  to speak with me on BBC radio Stoke but you refused and couldn’t face me on air, I even tweeted you  a Few weeks go to ask  if you  wanted to spend the day with me to see what autism is like, but no response from you, only when you found out I was petitioning you about the Autism remarks you decided to block me on Twitter, then when my followers started to too tweet you also then blocked them, I always thought you like a challenge but you  couldn’t face me, and you also   sent a statement to the BBC radio Stoke which was read on air… regarding the ED miliband tweets you said “it was all in jest” in my opinion it wasn’t in jest,  you  were clearly mocking autism and now you’ve  done  it again but this time picking on the most vulnerable in society a young  child, within the last week you mocked autism, ADHD and mental health the question remains are you  – anti disability? It’s looking this way.

During the week I’ve been  inundated with tweets from my followers how much upset you’ve caused people with autism and there family’s, but Katie, you have  now stooped to an all time new new  low, the young girl  on the program  channel 4 born naughty, honey has enough to deal with every day of her life, without you referring  to a farmyard animal because of her weight and most sicking calling her a T**T is just absolutely horrific and un-called for.

People have asked me even if you would   apologise  would it be sincere?, and would people except it, I don’t know I can’t speak for others, but what I do know is that the autism community is outraged and thousands want an apology – you tweeted one twitter  user during the week you said: ” I never apologise for anything I’ve said“,  however this is untrue, you just need to Google your name Katie Hopkins says sorry’ and you will see various articles,

As an adult living  with autism, my opinion of you, you lack compassion, respect, and empathy, they say people with autism lack empathy but I have more empathy than you will ever have, and you have upset thousands of people living with the condition, and there family’s friends etc..


Kevin Healey National Campaigner/ambassador/Author for Autism in the UK

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7 Responses

  1. Fran Tastic KM Powell

    May 16, 2015, 23:14:00

    Ms Hopkins??…

  2. Stevie Rowley

    May 17, 2015, 02:59:00

    Brilliant open letter Kevin. I feel sadly, that Katie Hopkins is morally corrupt, ie will never see, or feel, the error of her vile ways, and the personal damage she does to others. She is a bully, a coward and utterly shameful. You be proud of what this petition has achieved, for your letter and for being a thoroughly decent man, for standing up for a vulnerable community.

  3. BB rara

    May 17, 2015, 04:10:00

    this woman has mental problems.
    no amount of open letters will make her stop for now.
    but something will happen, dont worry………

  4. miss pixie

    May 17, 2015, 09:45:00

    very well said Kevin you have the votes of myself and my whole family including our 7 year with severe autism behind you. Hopkins is a vile, self serving idiot, with the principles and morals of a cockroach (sorry cockroaches you were the worst species I could think of) a husband stealer, publicity seeking idiot. Pity labour lost the election as we are now stuck with her for another 5 years

  5. Davina Ireland

    May 17, 2015, 13:16:00

    Well done Kevin although demanding an apology has fell on deaf ears it has highlighted the struggle between the condition itself and peoples perception of the condition. Maybe by her children being affected by her cruel words with social services being involved she will have a word with herself,I doubt it as I write this though! But maybe just maybe xxx

  6. Pamela Morgan

    May 17, 2015, 15:19:00

    She is a coward and I feel sorry for her. She is a text book bully, down talking others in the hope of making herself feel better. Sadly it will never work, I fear that one day even her children will turn on her and she will end up a lonely old lady…..

  7. Jaroslav Hlaváč

    May 17, 2015, 21:48:00

    An excellent piece and I stand by you alongside my autistic son and the autism community at your outrage for Hopkins’ comments. Clement Hoots also mentions you in a blog post fresh out today, his blog features strong language!

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