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Statement from Kevin Healey  It’s with deep regret that I have stepped down from the NAS and stepped down from National forum (I’ve spent ten years with the NAS)  Due to many commitments with my charity SAAS, which is going from strength to strength, and with many commitments f [...]

“These products are dangerous and are not backed up by verified scientific evidence of any kind. As I’ve repeatedly made clear, they should not be used under any circumstance. Autism is a lifelong condition – it is part of who people are, rather than something to be eliminated or cured [...]

We had over 21 Auditions yesterday, from children to adults castings were for 8 hours and we had a whole range of people from, casts auditions to play the parts of Kevin, Shaun, Mark, his mum and dad, nosey neighbour, headmaster, school children, other extras and cast members, the panel need now to [...]

PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMIDIATE RELASE TWIN BROTHERS WORLDS APART AUTISM FILM. Andrew Dobosz is directing a unique biopic drama for this summer based on Kevin Healey’s book “Twin Brothers Worlds Apart” We will be auditioning for the film on Tuesday 17th May from 12 midday until 8pm at [...]

An amazing event took place this Saturday, and i was pleased that i was asked to be apart of it the #cityofsport16 it was an amazing event, met with some olympic atlehltics, and even the legend himself Gordon Banks, i would like to thank the creative team for looking after me and making the experien [...]