“I fully support Autism SAAS & the petition Kevin Healey has launched to help to keep my son Gary McKinnon in the U.K” Janis Sharp GARY McKINNON Gary McKinnon has 28 days to appeal against the High Court decision to extradite him to the Unite [...]

Twin brothers living in an Autistic world-two worlds apart. Identical twins Shaun, who has autism, and Kevin, who has Asperger syndrome, living in their own worlds. A journey of sadness and happiness, Kevin Healey, founder of NSAAA and SAAS, writes about his experience living with this condition. So [...]

SAAS was set up and founded By Kevin Healey Stoke on Trent’s Citizen of the year, Kevin was approached by a large number of ASD adults because they felt that there were lack of services and no support in the area. SAAS was founded in May 2007 so far it has over 170 members who […] [...]


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