Twin brothers worlds apart preview film

March 17, 2012
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we are launching the film soon of Twin Brothers worlds apart

this has been a dream to make this film now for a few years scince i wrote the book, the short film will be based on when i was growing up at the age of six and will show how literal i was when i was a child, i want to raise awareness and understanding of the condition, and not how the media portrays that all people with asperger/autism fit into one box which we dont,


all proceeds will goto 

About Kevin Healey

Kevin Healey has been Campaigning for Autism Rights for the last 10 years, he is one of Twins, founded (NSAAA) North staffs Asperger Autism Association in 2001 & founded (SAAS) Staffordshire Adults Autistic Society in May 2007. and Autism Radio UK in 2010.

Raising Autism Awareness

Kevin has campaigned to get better services and support for people with an Autistic Spectrum Condition, he has won various awards over the last decade including Charity Champion of the year 2007, also Stoke on Trent Citizen of the year 2006, and Government awards  he has also recently launched his autobiography with all proceeds to Charity “Twin Brothers Worlds Apart”.

Kevin is also a councillor for the largest Autism Charity in the UK the National Autistic Society.

Autism is a very disabling condition, even though it’s a hidden condition people with an ASC have problems with sensory issues, noise, lights, crowds of people, which can all lead to very high levels of anxiety & other associated problems – known as the triad of impairments, which are communication & social interaction. Kevin is one of the most Leading Autism Campaigners in the UK today, he has made major changes in the Autism field


Special thanks

to James Meakin for raising £112.50 so far from his charity single “your song” which is available from the charity or on Itunes

steelite donation £150.00

ITUNES SINGLE SALES James & martin £44.77


Donate £10 gets you a special thankyou on the TBWA official website

Donate £20 you will have a special thankyou and credit of the film and a digital poster

Donate £50 a special  thankyou on the website, credit on the film and a digital poster and Dvd of the finished film

Donate £100 a special thankyou on the official website of TBWA a credit on the film, a digital poster, DVD and a signed copy of the book and DVD, plus script signed.

Doante £250 a special thankyou on the official website, credit on the film, a digital poster, a signed copy of the book and dvd, a signed copy of the script of the film by cast members and crew, 2 VIP tickets to the opening night of the premier of TBWA

Donate £500 a special thankyou on the officail website, credit on the film, digital poster, signed copy of the book and Dvd, signed copy of the script, 2 VIP tickets to the premier of the film, a chosen prop from the film (within reason) lunch with kevin healey

Donate £1000

all the above plus the title of excecuitive producer given in the opening credits, your buissiness  logo, charity logo etc, lunch with cast members and crew 

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