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An Amazing night all thank-you so much,    a dedication speech from kevin Healey read by terry walsh – Kevin has chosen the red and silver stars on all the tables tonight each one of them represent the late susan chandler, who passed away early this year. as she was a star herself to so ...

SAAS Will be releasing a charity single in the new year 2011, Martin Finn and Carly Ryan off BBC3’S autistic superstars will make the single possible for the charity, currently Martin and Carly are the Amassadors for Autism Radio UK which operates under the charity (SAAS). more details to fol...

The new autism radio uk’s image station is now nearly ready for Monday the 27th September our special guests Carly Ryan and Martin Finn from the hit tv show bbc3 autistic superstars will be joining us live in the studio at 7pm and you can listen to them live